We're having a bit of an ice storm here in middle Tennessee the past few days. Somehow our power at the marina has managed to stay on, but flickered in and out a couple of times yesterday. Our dock family has a Face Book page where we notify everyone of events and stuff. On Monday, someone put up an alert that the weight of all the ice and snow on the roof of the marina was pushing the fingers underwater. The liveaboards along the dock, thankfully, went boat-to-boat to loosen everyone's dock lines, which were "pulled as tight as guitar strings." This should prevent the cleats from being ripped off the boats. My power cable was stretched to its max as well. My friends were able to remove the brackets holding my plug to the dock to get the plug some extra slack.

Once the power started flickering in and out, I immediately rushed down to Wal-Mart and bought 8 gallons of winterizing fluid that I used to winterize my house water lines yesterday afternoon.

I was surprised yesterday to see how much of the dock was under water and how close the main walkway is to the water. When I boarded my boat, I had to step up onto the deck that was at hip level - it's normally an even level from dock to deck. The roof has already sank or bent downward around some of my neighbors so they can't get their boats out if they wanted to. I had to remove the umbrella from the patio table on my party top because the roof was about 4 inches away from the top of it! I had to tilt the entire table over to remove the umbrella because there wasn't enough clearance.

This is crazy! I hope the roof doesn't collapse on my boat!