Starting to look into replacing the batty charger in the engine compartment. We have a house
bank, a starting battery, both on a switch. also a gen staring bat. The house bank is or will 2 6volt batteries.

The only loads on the rear house bank is 12 volt lights, water pump, the 12 volt side of a gas/elc frig and normal running of nav light and starting is done on this bank or starting battery. The rest of the 12 volt needs ie sound system, water pump for slide, marine radio and 1000 watt inverter/charger is on the front house bank of 2 6 volt batteries.

Looking for recommendations for a water proof, 20 amp, 2 to3 bank charger. Really don't think I need more amps do to size of bank amp/hrs and we usually run our Yamaha 2400 generator for 5-6 hours per day.