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Thread: Electrolysis--

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    What is the latest on this?

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    Frantically Relaxing
    The latest is, due to my engraving business keeping me working 17 hours a day, and continually crappy weather- not WINTER weather or DURING the winter when we could use the snow to fill up our empty lake-- has been hindering my repair efforts, so not much has been happening yet.

    I have found that while there's much pitting in some areas, and a little pitting in quite a few areas, aside from the engine room issue noted above, I've found only one small area about 4" x 6", on the bottom but near the edge, that could be considered a 'structural' issue. There are several small holes, most average less than 1/8" diameter. There's 2 holes I can almost fit my pinky finger in, and maybe a half dozen holes half that size. The rest, and all holes on the bottom proper, are essentially pinholes. The "fins" under the boat near the edges (which are actually seams in the steel construction), due to being the path of least electrical resistance, got brunt of the damage. Fortunately.

    As for the electric issue that caused the problem, I haven't had the time to delve into that. Since it's a DC voltage issue, I don't think it'll be all that hard to track down. I can almost guarantee the problem lies somewhere under the lower helm:

    I didn't do it!!! That's the result of 3 previous owner's installing stereos, marine radios, cellphones and all the antenna's they require, plus who knows what else. I've since removed all the cellphone wiring, which was substantial. But that was 5 years ago. If ANY ground under there is in contact with ANY hot, regardless of how minimal the contact, it would cause the damage. I've read where 1 volt of DC power can eat an entire aluminum I/O drive within a month, so it doesn't take much...

    More to come!
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