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Thread: tucker boats

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    tucker boats

    we went to Cincinnati yesterday to Washington marine to check on the progress on our boat. I was talking to terry one of the owners and asked what the huge building behind the office was and he said funny you should ask. he asked if I ever heard of tucker marine,i said yes.he took me out and showed me it was tuckers original manufacturing building which was In fact a 54x240 ft. barge. tucker purchased it from the original owners who used it to transport cars up and down the river. some of the old ramps to load the cars was still in place. its 2 storys tall with a small living room on the 3rd floor that jess tucker used to entertain in. part of the 2nd floor he used as his living quarters which is still intact. kitchen,2 baths,bedroom,all in pretty good condition. they even still have one of his personal boats on the lot. a nice trip into boating history,very interesting.

    by the way, they bought it at auction from its mooring between 4 seasons marina and riverside. the floated it up river and tied it off till they prepared its permanent site, then when the river rose in the spring they floated it into place and secured it down. they eventually concreted all the floors. they now use the 2nd floor for winter storage and the first floor to winterize and to do motor and transmission work. terry wanted to upgrade the living quarters and move in but said it would run about a 100,000 to do what he wanted, then it would be of no use to anyone but him and he couldn't sell it because its part of the family business. they do however have friends in to go on top to watch fireworks on the river.
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