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Thread: Drinking water from a lake - this product works!

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    Thumbs up Drinking water from a lake - this product works!

    Being somewhat of a prepper, I have designed and built a boat for the purpose of 'bugging out' if/when TSHTF. In the mean time I also enjoy being out on a lake for days/weeks at a time. The boat is all electric so fuel is never an issue. Potable water is. I am using a filtration system called SWAT HB (survival water treatment and the HB is for house boat) and the lakes I boat in (Central Texas reservoirs) provide clean, healthy water for drinking, cooking, showers, etc. Does anyone have any experiences with this or other brands of water filtration? I love not having to rely on a hose and big heavy water tanks.

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    Remember, that water is only as clean as you are diligent in maintaining the filtration system. I haul our drinking water to the HB in the refillable 5 gallon water containers and put it in our water dispenser machine. We don't drink the house water on the boat. One day while filling up the container at the machine inside my grocery store, I met the private owner of the machine(s) and started asking him about the system. He started going over the maintenance of his machines b/c they all have stickers clearly on the front that indicate the last time it was maintained, which is why I buy from his machines and his only. He spouted off tons of filter change intervals and costs thereof for all the different filters throughout the machine and I was floored. I asked him about filtering lake water with that machine and he said it's perfectly capable of doing so, but the filters would require constant maintenance to ensure safe drinking water. If you check into them, those filters aren't cheap. As they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch - in this case, drinking water.
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    For a boat, it's hard to beat a water fixer. I didn't have room for one of their ready made systems so I ended up spending a little more to buy the individual components of two filter housings and a UV water purifier to fit in the space I had available.

    I have used my system for about five years now with no problems. I can second what GoVols says about maintenance. My biggest maintenance issue is that water sits in the filter housings between trips and gets a nasty smell to it. While the water would still be safe to drink, I have found that the water has no smell and tastes better if I just put in a new set of filters at the start of each trip.

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    Have you tried a RO (reverse osmosis) filter? As far as I know, it can kill viruses and bacteria and produce healthier water.

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