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Thread: Pensacola to Havana ~~ Sail Boat Regatta

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    Pensacola to Havana ~~ Sail Boat Regatta

    I know, I know, this is a Houseboat Forum.

    But, as we are all boaters, there is an historic race occurring right now. Which started at the Pensacola Yacht Club. It started on Halloween, Oct 31, 2015. The home page is here:

    If you clink the link below, you can watch them race, with live positions, as they are now closing in on the finish line. They have been battling 5 - 7 foot seas. 5 boats had to drop out because of the big water and failed equipment. One even lost a mast overboard.

    The stories from this race are going to be talked about for a long time. Many are taking on water over the bow, and bailing by hand. Their electronics have failed on some due to water damage, and they are navigating by the stars and old fashion ways. Their alternators are failing due to water damage. Therefore Bilge Pumps can not be used.

    It is exciting to be here in Pensacola and hear all the scuttle butt in the marina watering holes. It is almost Happy Hour time at the Oar House to get the latest first hand news.

    Here is the position map:
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