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Thread: Houseboat Insurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinOrSwim View Post
    why does living aboard matter? If they are insuring a "value", how does living and utilizing a boat you are insuring impact that value or that risk?
    It increases the risk. Just like houses. Do you live in the house or rent it to others. Renting to others increases the risk. Therefore, you need a Dwelling Policy verses a Homeowners Policy.

    Most boat insurance is considered with weekend type usage. Or even boating trips. But moored and permanently used as a live-aboard increases the risk It then does not fit the underwriters guidelines that assigns the risk factor, which in turn sets the premiums. So if you say you are a live-aboard you no longer fit the risk assignment by that carrier.

    If there is a question on the application regarding this subject, respond truthfully, as misrepresentation on the application for insurance is legal grounds to void the policy and return the premiums. Therefore, you did not have insurance at the time of the loss suffrage should you misrepresent the risk. If there is no question, do not volunteer additional information.

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    Liability coverage needs to be looked at closely. Will they pay if you don't declare your a live aboard. When we lived aboard they had an add on for liveaboards. They didn't ask and we didn't tell
    The fries are cold so we gave you extra.

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