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Thread: Best place to my MMC control head?

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    Best place to my MMC control head?

    I was having trouble with my MMC controls. Just so happened my boat neighbot had a spare that he never installed on his flybridge. I swapped em out and bingo. Works perfectly. So, I'm going to buy another one to replace his.

    Anybody know where I can get a decent price on these? I think I'm going to buy two and replace my upper as well.

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    Nevermind. I pulled the trigger. Everything I had seen was $450 to over $500 but a place in wisconsin had em for 400.

    Thanks. Sorry, should have looked further before I posted.

    Oh and if you find them cheaper......maybe don't tell me. LOL

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    Nov 2002
    I would disassemble the old one and give it a good electrical cleaning - it might bring it back to working correctly.

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