Hey everyone!

So sorry for the confusion for those who have been trying to reach Katie! She actually had passed on the torch and accepted another position awhile ago. I'm another assistant editor who has been trying to learn the ropes and have been here for a year and a half--for magazine-related questions, reach out to me for help at austa@harrispublishing.com, and we will make sure you get taken care of!

Many thanks to the Pirate, Old Houseboater, and others who have been on the forum for years helping people and moderating things with care. If anyone has troubles, know that you are in good hands with awesome guys like these. Honestly we can't thank them enough...

We have addressed many of the individual problems with those who had troubles posting on the forum, but if there is anyone else who is still having problems, please shoot me an email and we will make sure our tech team gets everything straightened out. Thanks so much for the patience everyone, as we work out the bugs!