I have a new boat neighbor that bought a 1960-ish steel hull houseboat.

He is totally unfamiliar with houseboats or anything other than bass boats. I some corrosion on deck and welds, which probably aren't that bad - maybe. he is getting all sorts of bad info from the guy who sold him the boat who is also on this dock.

I recommended he haul-out and have the yard check out the hull for him. The previous owner (PO), said it was rediculous. The boat is just fine. The PO also told him the yard haul-out was $4000. I told him it was more like $450 - $500. Anyway, I talked him into going to the yard today (by car) and ask for himself. The yard said $505 for the haul-out.

Anyway, the yard told him pretty much what I said, not just about the haulout but also bottom paint about every 4 years and new oudrive boot about every 5 years.

When we got back. he saw the PO and told PO what he was going to do. The PO insists that the water up here on the little tennessee is so pure that the boat wont rust, the bottom paint is good for 8 years and the boot shouldnt have to be replaced until he sees signs of leaking.

Of course, I disagree with PO and so I am staying out of this.

Now I am just curious about the following and would like your input just for my own info.

How long is bottom paint good for assuming the boat has not moved in the last 4 years? No way of knowing what paint was applied last.

How long is reasonable and safe for outdrive boot to last?

Would you do as I would in that before I spent another penny on remodeling, I would have the haul-out done to inspect the steel hull, bottom paint and replace boot all at the same time?

I am not familiar with steel hulls.
The new owner never had a surveyor. The PO bought the boat a year ago and his surveyor used a lot of info from a previous survey ( 4 years earlier) and referenced it for areas he could not check.

Am I thinking rationally or did I recommend he throw money away on hull inspection, boot and bottom job.