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1. I would not haul it out.
2. I would wire brush the visible corrosion and paint it.
3. I would spruce up the interior, but would spend the absolute minimal money. Remodeling it would be out.
4. Live on it until it starts to leak.
5. Start saving money for the disposal cost.


And make sure his rent on the house does not fall into arrears.
Then he will be out more money.

If you think about it, he is living the dream of a live-a-board, and the cost is only $6000, plus dock fees and vessel disposal in the end. Start developing a disposal plan, as that metal does have a salvage value.

The rent he is getting for his home will at least a positive income. Verses many of us that own a home and a boat, and just dump thousands into the water, without getting rent on out homes.