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Thread: Fixed holding tank odor

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    Fixed holding tank odor

    From the time I bought my boat in Fall 2011 to this past summer, I'd clear the dock any time I'd flush my toilets. I was told I needed to replace the exhaust filter (aka fart filter) for my black water tank, but my boat's builder didn't install one nor did they make the hose accessible to work on.

    I finally had enough of the complaints from my dock neighbors and got brave enough to work on the issue. I carefully took the wall panneling off where I thought the house was located, which was surprisingly easy. After seeing what I was working with, I next went to Lowes and bought some supplies to build my own maintainable carbon canister. I built my own because the stupid ones the stores want you to buy cost $75 and are a 1-and-done deal.

    Pictured here is what I built for around $30. All it is is hardened PVC pipe, a couple of hose barbs, a few fittings to form a chamber, and aquarium filter media with activated carbon. Since I installed this, problem has been GONE! What's more, the guest cabin no longer has a musty odor that plagued the boat for years.

    I wish I did this years ago!
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