I've bought an old pontoon houseboat 14' x 37' and got it hauled to my house so it would be easier for me to work on. The old roof and some of the rafters were shot. I've removed the entire roof and all of the rafters and replaced the rafters and have placed osb board on top. My thought was to get someone to fiberglass this again, this is basically what it was originally. I've had a tough time finding someone to do the fiberglass work. Since I've ran into this I've also looked into the possibility of doing the white epdm rubber roofing. My other thought was to use the metal roofing panels. I'm getting older and I'm not really interested in using the top deck. The boat originally had a fly bridge on it but I've removed it. Too much trouble to try to get it hauled with the extra height.
I've all but given up on the fiberglass, can't get anyone to even quote it so I know if I find one I'm going to pay dearly for it.
EPDM I could do myself but the roof is wider than the normal 10' wide sheets, The roof is 11'9" wide.
What's everyone's thought about the metal panel roofing? I could get the full length but I'm thinking to go half length a lot easier to haul and easier to install. I would also be using the caulking under the seams both on the ends and sides.