Not sure if everyone has heard of the issue going on with Floating Houses and Non-navigable houseboats on TVA controlled lakes but the TVA is proposing new regulations that would prevent future building and require all existing Floating and Non-navigable houseboats be removed from the lake in 20 years (at owners expense). So in reality, they will render all of these houseboats "worthless" by passing these regs. There are over 900 of these on Norris Lake alone and over 1800 spread across other TVA lakes in TN, NC, AL, and other states. Some of these floating houses are $250,000 to $300,000 or more. Really, the only difference in these as opposed to factory houseboats is that they cannot be moved and are permanently moored in a marina. Many marina's rely on these for there year-round income and the spending by these owners and to remain viable businesses. I suspect that without these customers many of these marinas would be forced to close.