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It will "PARTY" fifty but, it only sleeps TWO.
LOL. Same with the Lotus Eater. We had the entire yacht club membership aboard for dinner. We, and the mobility-impaired, motored to a calm spot overlooking the water lilies in our scenic creek, and anchored. Folding tables and chairs had been transferred topside, along with lots of people, pizza, and refreshment. Racing yachts tied up alongside, and the after-race party commenced. All were instructed to bring their own PFDs. Worked great, until somebody on the top deck looked over the stern and, said, "hey, y'all, check this out."
There was a minor stampede sternward, which created some weight and balance problems, flooding the outboard engine wells. Oops. Fortunately, we had a good sump pump and portable generator aboard, problem soon solved. Ever since, members have wondered when the club will do another raft-up with that wonderful houseboat. The skipper ain't sayin.