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Thread: Purasan issue, seeking answers please!!

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    Senior Member easttnboater's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    Your system is set up wrong. The Pursan system grinds and basically shocks the waste - killing about 99% of the bacteria. That treated waste is then OK to directly discharge overboard IF you are in an area that allows it. To take treated waste from a Purasan system and store it in a holding tank is 100% wrong. The 1% of bacteria that is left will grow in the holding tanks. It is anaerobic bacteria - that is what causes the smell.

    So, your system is plumbed wrong. Since it it plumbed wrong, it has probably been used wrong. I have no doubt that the previous owner flushed chemicals down the toilet. Those chemicals probably killed the plates in the Purasan system.

    Here is what you need to do. First find out if where your boat is docked allows the treated waste from the Purasan to be discharged directly overboard. If so, then you can retain the Purasans and plumb them for direct discharge. You will need to verify that your Purasan systems still operate correctly - as I said earlier, the plates in the system are probably fried. Also, be aware that the discharge - while odor and bacteria free - is not necessarily clear. Depending what you are disposing of, it can be anywhere from slightly discolored to brown. If you cannot discharge directly overboard, then you need to rip out or bypass the Purasan systems and go directly from your toilets to the holding tanks. If you use the system correctly, it will not smell.

    Vic Willman did retire. And, he was an extremely nice and helpful guy.

    Also, if you do have a filter on your vent line, it was ruined when it got wet and must be replaced.

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    Jul 2012
    eastenboater likely has it right.
    Yes Vic was amazing!

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    Senior Member Amelia's Avatar
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    Edenton, NC
    Vic even made a house call. Houseboat call. Long before we were ready to drill holes in our newly-built hull, he and his lovely wife stopped by, and we had a most pleasant visit, and learned a lot. We eventually decided that despite the charming Mr. Willman's kindness and expertise, we couldn't go that route. Discharging even well-treated waste into our coastal Carolina waters was soon prohibited, and the more we read about holding tanks and the challenge of finding working pumpouts along our dreamed of cruising routes, the more it seemed we'd have to rethink the whole plan. The traditional flusher was going to be far nastier, heavier, more expensive, and much more complicated than we wanted to deal with. Worst of all, my nose is infamously sensitive. So, we went another direction, and years later, are still very pleased. No stink, no clogs or broken parts, no chemicals, no black water discharge, and no through-hulls! I'm so glad we didn't have to rip out a bunch of fancy plumbing first!
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    Dec 2013
    What easttnboater said is correct with the exception of the plates in the Purasan....The Purasan has no electro plates....thats in the Electroscan...which converts saltwater to chlorine. If your Purasan is the old 1201 model...using raw water to fill the canister convert it to the 1202, which uses fresh water to fill the chlorine canister. Also the pre-EX Purasans were all gravity flow from the csnister to the PURASAN...The newer EX uses pressure from a pump to force it out of the canister into the system, and you can so progrm th unit fr th correct amount of water to enter the csnister vs the old trial and error clamp method.

    Vent filters are just a band aide fix....if the holding tank is properly installed, no, filters and no smell....the larger the size vents and more air the better...1.5" and cross vented into the tank is ideal.

    Like anything else the Purasan requires maintenance.....the only way to know if its working properly is if you get water in the canister and it drains out.....fittings tend to clog, as well as the drain holes in the canister...(not so much now with the retro kit, which uses a basket and loose tablets)

    The majority of people think just because their boat has a treatment system on it they are legal...and they havent check to see (and probably wouldnt know what they were looking at anyway) if its working properly or not....and why in the world would a person wanna discharge 80 to 160 gallons over at once....
    Authorized Raritan Servicing Dealer

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