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Thread: Tragic accident spurs stricter electric codes for marinas

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    Jul 2012
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    Sounds like they are marking up the parts at least 10%.
    Peter D. EIkenberry
    Don't tell I can't. Tell me how I can.

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    No matter how well, correct or to current code a dock is wired, all it takes is one boat with a bad toaster, the grounds & neutrals bonded or some clown breaking up his ground bonding in hopes of stopping galvanic corrosion to kill another swimmer.

    The answer is simple, boaters: DON'T SWIM ANYWHERE NEAR SHORE POWERED DOCKS AND BOATS!!!
    There really should be some sort of law against swimming within 100' of any boat or dock connected to shore power.
    It's akin to walking on the side of the freeway; cars SHOULD stay in their lanes and you SHOULD be safe-- but sooner or later.... (and it IS against the law to walk on the freeway!)

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