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I wonder if this is the one? http://www.cruisencomfortusa.com/?gc...FdgKgQodMNMOww

at 40-50 amps it would take some serious batteries to run all night.
I'll say. If you went in the middle at 45 Amps and ran it for a couple of hours to cool things down before going to sleep for eight hours, you would use 45 X 10 = 450 Amp hours (Ah) each night. The most you dare draw lead-acid batteries down is 50%, which means that you'd need a 900 Ah battery bank assuming full efficiency and a 100% charge each night. Even assuming that, you would need at least ten GC2 golf cart batteries to give a 900 Ah bank at 12 volts. A bank of 12 GC2 batteries would be more like it. That's a big battery bank. I can only imagine trying to get it charged each day.