Good day everyone, my husband and I have remodeled a 72 Drifter houseboat and when I say remodeled it has been top to bottom, inside and out- we have had our struggles she has been a challenge but we are just about ready to enjoy it. I know many say not to get a steel hull but the hull was recently totally re-done/welded and pressure tested and we were able to get insurance. So it works for us.

Anyway my question is how to tow a 20" bassboat and a 3 seater jetski behind it. There is not a swim platform so I don't think PWC rails will work. I thought of having a swim platform installed with the rails but that is going to get costly. The engine compartment lids take up most of the back deck so installing a lift will not work and still allow for access. I know they make the Towdster and we would need 2 V's towing one behind the other. But I have read mixed reviews on those.

My husband was asking about towing the ski maybe with Mooring Whips on the side?

Any other ideas or thoughts? We are on a river and will be going slow.