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Thread: Is there no water hook up on a Gibson???

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    Senior Member Amelia's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Edenton, NC
    We have a faucet attached to the line that goes to a 100 gallon water tank. There are, no doubt, much more elegant solutions, but this one was simple. We open the faucet on the dock side, hook the hose up, and run the hose until the translucent tank in one of the pontoons is as full as we think we need it, then shut the hose off, secure in the knowledge that we won't be paying city water prices to sink our boat.a

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    Senior Member Miller Tyme's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    My dad lived on his boat for about 10 years and his solution to the issue of broken water lines while away was to install a flow measuring valve used to fill cattle troughs. It was a dual to allow from 50- 500 gallons to pass through then shuts off. It went in line with the city water line to the boat. He would set it at 150 gallons and if something did go wrong you limited the water into the boat to a max of 150 gallons. Every couple of days he would reset it to 150 and he was good to go.

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