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Thread: 1995 Lakeview, generator only pulls from starboard tank

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    1995 Lakeview, generator only pulls from starboard tank

    I have a 96 Lakeview with a 12.5kw westerbeke. By the looks of everything it should pull from either fuel tank. My thoughts were path of least resistance but as one tank emptied it would pull from the other? Not the case. It ONLY pulls from the starboard tank. Which, has never been much of an issue because most of the time we would go cruise the lake and not stop. So, the generator really didn't use a significant amount of fuel compared to the motors.

    But, I finally bought a big enough anchor to actually anchor and hang out all day. Running the generator all the time makes a big difference. One tank almost empty and the other one barely under 3/4.

    Is this typical? Anyone else had the issue? Blocked line maybe? Just looking for thoughts and ideas before I start screwing around with fuel lines.

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    our Gibson for some reason started doing the same thing. I closed the crossover valve and everything thing was fine so I just leave it that way now.
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    I'd suspect the anti-siphon valves if you have them. If one is already open due to the generator running, there may not be enough suction to open the other one.
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    Well, I figured it out but it's going to have to be dealt with manually. I don't see any valves on there and the all come together in one spot and then T off to each motor and the generator. In theory they should pull evenly but obviously do not. But, the lines come out of the tanks at the top and there is a shut off valve at the top of each tank. I shut off the starboard tank when we were anchored yesterday. The generator was obviously running off only the port tank. I decided to leave it like that on the trip back too. Not the most convenient way to do it but I know I can run everything off one tank. I suppose in theory even if I ran one dry it would pull from the other but doubt I will ever do that. On a side note, finally broke down and bought a new anchor. Got the Fortress FX-55 and man it's awesome. Drop it over and I'm hooked. No dragging trying to get it to grab. Just done. And, really not that difficult to get back up either. And, not sure if it's the coating and the fact it's new but it really doesn't bring up much mud either. Absolutely love it.

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