After formerly owning a 42 Gibson, I have upgraded to an Aluminum Hull 70' Stardust. It is equipped with Volvo Penta Outdrives with 6 cylinder Turbo Diesel Engines.

During the time I owned my Gibson, I spent most of the time worrying about the bottom paint and Outdrive boots leaking and the boat sinking. I sold the boat and took a loss of course, after the engine went south. The Current Owner repaired the engine and lives aboard four years later and has had no issues with anything I worried about.

Fast forward to my current boat. Here is a snap shot of the boat.
1989 StarDust 18X70 with 200 hours. I'm the 3rd owner. The last owner has owned the boat for the past 10 years and has hardly ever taken it out of the slip. He has maintained the boat very well and changed oil every year in engines and generator even though he only ran them monthly and never really used them much at all. The survey was rated "Average Plus" and all issues the surveyor found was repaired by the owner before I bought it. There is no signs of water anywhere in the bilge and everything in engine bay looks near new.

Now I worry that the boots will bust and the boat will suddenly sink. I am told I'm worrying too much that I should have the boat hauled this fall or winter to service outdrives. The Marina shop is telling me to rebuild the outdrives completely and I don't think that sounds right considering there is no operational issues with them.

Am I worrying too much ? Opinions welcomed for this learner.