My 1981 Harbormaster House boat has 2 electric toilets. I dont know if they are original as I bought it 4 years ago. The upstairs cabin toilet is a Raritan crown head. The downstairs is a Jabsco. I dont know why they are not the same but the Jabsco motor and macerator are less than half the size of f the Raritan and I believe the Jabsco to be newer. The water intake and waste output lines are the same size but since the Raritan is above the water line I dont know if it needs the lager motor to pulln water above the water line.

The Raritan motor and macerator are locked up. The motor I took to shop and it is shot. Raritan will exchange my old motor and macerator for about $700 including frieght and I can put the old bowl on it. I can by a new Jabsco including bowl for about $425. My concern is that the smaller motor on the Jabsco wont suck the water up above the waterline.

My local West Marine and the shop at the marina dont have a clue. Any help would be appreciated.