We recently purchased a new to us/used houseboat. Our 2nd houseboat. The boat is coming off a lake that has what I assume is a lot of iron or some other mineral; the mud on the shoreline is a deep reddish color (volcanic??). The china bowl toilet has a red stain line all around it. We are replacing toilet and kitchen fixtures and don't want the new fixtures to get stained. Though we are moving the boat to a lake that does not have this problem, I am concerned the the piping is all stained with mineral deposits. Is it safe to run a diluted chlorine bleach solution through the piping system to clean it? I was thinking of a solution of 1oz. to 10 gal of water. Flush the pipes and also hold the system pressurized with the solution for 4 to 8 hours and then flushing again several times. looking for advice.