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Thread: Geothermal Heat Pumps

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    Aug 2016
    One of my friend who is a heating reapir nj technician has installed a geothermal system in a houseboat. I don't have much idea about marine air conditioning units but I have read in an article that they are different from most land Air conditioning because it uses water cooling rather than air cooling. Refrigerant and evaporative are the two types of marine air conditioner.

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    Jun 2014
    Issue with the geothermal around here is the lake freezes over in the winter. People with the geothermal found that the water froze in the lines after it past through the heat exchanger. Guess the heat exhanger removed just enough heat to put the water below 32F.

    Gotta have some sort of setup to draw water from deeper down in the lake so that when the heat is removed the water isnt below 32F as it tries to make its way back to the lake.

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    Ruskin, Florida
    Yes I've seen that happen too. Some setup to bring up deeper water might work, and should improve efficiency in the summer, too.
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