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Thread: Kohler Genset not pumping water

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    Jul 2012
    Many after market impellers (Jabsco, etc) come with a small tube of lube in the packaging. My water pick up also has to flow about 8 ft so I installed a check valve to help with the prime.

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    Jul 2012
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    I have a portable macerator setup to pump my black tank into a portable RV tank, I've used it for 7 years. A macerator is nothing more than a rubber impeller pump with a piece of steel mounted to the shaft in front of the impeller to grind up paper and other 'stuff'. My pump has to pull waste up about 15", thru 22" of 1-3/4" drain pipe... I found out long ago you don't have to prime rubber impeller pumps from the suction side. I just pour water in the outlet side. The impeller just pushes air thru the water while the water keeps the impeller wet until it begins drawing.

    No dish soap, KY jelly or Crisco needed!

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