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Thread: First Time out with new to me boat. :-/

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    Depending on the model of Volvo, it may not have gimbal bearings. While Ive never changed an intermediate bearing on a vovlo, Ive been told the engine must come out. Best to find someone that knows how to work on volvos. Also, you can grease the intermediate bearing on a volvo from the engine compartment. Best to grease them a couple times a season. I try to every spring and fall.

    The raw water impeller can be changed with the boat in the water. Its mounted down on the crank, fairly easy to change. You must use the correct impeller for the model of volvo you have. Some impellers may fit but are not correct. been there and done that...

    If you do pull the boat, the only thing that really needs to be done on a volvo is anodes, oil in the outdrives, and the U joint bellows. No need to change the exhaust bellows unless you just want to...

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    I bought a boat yesterday and that is boat has a "Sideshift" brand electric aft thruster and had thrown all three breakers. Not sure yet what caused the engine to run hot but I'm wondering if it is impeller related or if this engine even has an impeller or a water pump like an automotive engine. Volvo Penta AMD40 Diesel.
    I am enjoying in that and happy to have that.
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    I personally Don’t have first-hand experience, but I always believed those motors are total electric. Therefore they have no impellers, but like I said, I am not an expert.

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