Don't be scared MM. I bought a 50' Gibson that had been winterized and sitting for six years without a survey! I trusted the older gentleman who was basically giving it away and took him on his word they would run! He showed me an invoice where he paid $12000 for repair work having the Bulkhead replaced, Tanks cleaned and dried, Thru hulls replaced, etc. While it did have some wood rot in a few spots and the interior was out of date and VERY Musty, I crawled all thru the bilge and found the stringers were in good shape. I rebuilt both carbs, water pumps, and of course changed oil, fuel filters, and plugs. One needed a new distributor and Generator needed a gasket. Bottom line I have less than $5000 in this boat and Everything now works and runs like a champ! Interior has been repainted and new futons and bedding. Jolly Time