I thought my Raritan Crown Head Pump Motor was locked up. I let some friends use my Houseboat and they put toilet paper and went #2 in the Head!! I never put TP in the head, but rather in the trash can and usually make everyone go to the boaters lounge for their #2 business!! I think the head is original and my old floater is a 1978 model. Every time I hit the switch it would just click. So I looked it up online and thought I'd order a new pump motor. Problem is my model is extinct! I needed a new model and at $1300, I thought I'd try a few fixes first. When I took off the base cover, I discovered the power connections- Red wire and White wire. I hooked up my voltmeter and found it was definitely getting power. I thought maybe the batteries were weak so I pulled out my Mega Start Battery Charger and hooked up the cables to the appropriate wires. I turned on the charger to the lowest AMP setting (2) and hit the button- nothing. Next I turned it up to 10 amps and hit the button- nothing. Next I turned it up to 25 amps hit the button and low and behold it started working!! I think it was just clogged and needed a little extra umph!! Just thought I'd pass on my results- maybe it will save you from a rebuild or replacement when really not needed!! Thanks, Jolly Time