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Thread: Sliding Door

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    Sliding Door

    So I have put up with a front sliding door not sliding well (nor will lock from the inside) for a year or more. Just have not had the time to look at it. Finally this weekend I had an hour or two.
    Figured this would be a big deal. Slide the door to the middle and grab both side and lift and just that easy it pops out of the bottom track! Carefully move it around and tip it over so I can look at the roller mechanism. I see two screws one which I see adjusts the roller in/out, the other I think?? locks it in place. So I adjust the roller out/down as much as possible and them "lock" it into position. Put the door back on the track and ka-bam it is working mucho better!! Even locks now!
    I "found" two brand new (never used) spare rollers in the top of the door! This is so either hand can be used? So i have that ace in the hole.
    I do have a question about all this. The bottom left joint (outside going in) seems to be pulling apart (1/8") but I could not get it to easily go back together. This would be why I had to use all my adjustment and why the door went bad.
    How do these doors hold together? I did not spot this but figure it may have something to do with the second lock screw??

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    I actually work for a company that makes - among other things - custom aluminum doors and windows for the commercial building market - so, maybe I can help.

    Those joints are most likely fitted and either welded or screwed together before the glass is added. So, they are held together from the inside. Unless you are willing to try to remove the glass and see if it can be repaired from the inside and then refit the glass, the best option is to buy a flat corner bracket from a hardware store and reinforce the joint from the outside. If you go this route, make sure you position the bracket correctly so that it does not drag or hit the track or screw into the edge of the glass. You are also going to have to figure out a way to pull the door frame back into position and hold it there while applying the bracket.

    Also. the second screw should just lock the roller into place.

    If the track that the rollers roll on is worn slightly, you can use a fine file to help straighten it up. If it is in bad shape, then there are stainless steel overlays that go over the track that give you a fresh surface.

    One final thing - congratulations on taking this on yourself. Most stuff is actually pretty easy to fix if you just take the time to look at it first and come up with a plan.

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    Jul 2012
    I forgot about the SS overlays and I think I will put a bracket on the corners but will custom waterjet two here at work. Really helpful, thanks!

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