Well we've spent the last four weekends on the boat this year far short of what we'd would have normally logged due the sorry spring weather we've experienced here.

Anyway we've been boating in the same area with the same boat now going on five years. Yet there are still folks who desire to tour or see the interior of our little houseboat. I actually thought the newness would have gone away some time ago myself but there always seems to be somebody new standing on the sandbar asking about our boat.

Of course we always invite them in and give them the general tour, after all it's a great way to meet new people and share our common love of the water and boating. And in the past it was us after all when we were thinking about breaking into houseboating ourselves. I'll never forget the pride of some of those folks pointing out some of the work or features they've done to their boats that made there boat uniquely theirs. And I attempt to carry on the same generous traditions as others have showed me. Anyway it's always fun to talk to others who'd also like to have their very own island on a waterway somewhere.

Now on to being waked by cabin cruisers... I hate cabin cruisers I'd sink every last one if I thought I could possibly get away with it. I'm to the point where me and the wife are discussing the possibility of purchasing a Harbor Master we know of for sale just to hunt them down. I'm told that with the twin 454"s it's capable of keeping up with most if not all of them and throws a much larger wake . I'd just love to watch them dodge in fear for once but oh well it would cost me $12.500 and a lot of fuel to enjoy such entertainment but it just might be worth the ticket price to enjoy the show...