We are reconditioning our 1997 Sumerset and want to recoat the roof / upper deck. Over time it has been recoated with gelcoat as well as a paint product produced by PPG called Pitthane. We really liked the Pitthane as it cleaned very easily. We did have some areas that flaked off but that had to be due to the painter not getting the substrate prepared properly. The big issue is it was VERY SLICK when wet. I contacted PPG and it was suggested I use the "Ultra" Pitthane on the gutter boards (what is on there now) and the "High Build Semi-gloss" on the areas that will be underfoot. We could also add anti-skid to the paint but I was advised this can be a challenge to get any even look to the finished deck. I have two questions (1) Should we continue to use the Pitthane or go back to the gelcoat and (2) Has anyone had experience with the Semi-gloss.