They are minor milestones, (subtle, you have to know what you're looking for) but nonetheless, I have to brag:
The designer/builder/ number-one skipper of the Houseboat Lotus Eater has, after at least a dozen years, completed the installation of the propane system. I now have running water, hot on-demand, yet, and a working galley range/oven. Hurray! Camping by handmade boat just got a lot more civilized. Unexpected paying jobs, full-time, caused significant construction delays of several years, but retirement happened- again--, and he must have run out of books he planned to read, because by and by, he began boat-puttering again, much to my delight. Oh, yes, we have many other things that need to be done, repainting the railings, finishing the window trim and ceiling panels, and figuring out what to do about a stubborn leak topside, but now, with a working shower and hot coffee while swinging on the hook in some back-of-beyond creek, I can deal with the delays.
It's a good thing... the phone just rang. "Well, I suppose I COULD help you out for a while," I hear. Fortunately, I wasn't really counting on significant carpentry, not when there is disease still to be stamped out in the world.