Toay. I completely removed starboard (Problematic engine) oil sender and shut-off alarm and "T" and installed it in the port engine - the good engine. I was hoping I could nail this on the senders but not so. I ran the port engine for almost an hour tied to the dock at 16-1800 RPM which is about my normal cruising speed. The engine started at about 60 psi and went to about 53 PSI when I went to 1400 RPM. When I ran it up to and held 1800 rpm it steadied out at around 55 plus a tad PSI. The bad news is that the senders are fine.

Tomorrow, I will install the new mechanical oil press gauge in the starboard engine (Problematic one) and hope it works out fine. That will then narrow it down to an electrical problem.
If pressure really is low according to the mechanical gauge, I am probably in serious trouble.

So if the mechanical gauge shows low, I will try OHB's idea of breaking open the oil filter. God, I hope its not that.

Wish me luck.