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Thread: Battery Charger

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    Battery Charger

    Ive tried searching but have not been able to figure out our issue. Boat is a 1990 model and had a 35amp charger on it. Worked great till the winter before last it fried 2/3 batteries that it was charging. I suppose it never shut off.

    Replaced it with a ProMariner Marine 20amp charger. 20 amps is a tad low but typically other batteries on the boat die before those do so its no issue for them to charge quickly. After installing the 3 bank promariner, the 3rd battery exploded. Literally boom, split right down the middle. Not sure if this damaged the charger or what but it seemed like it wasnt charging on that bank anymore. Replaced the bad battery of course.

    Amazon replaced the charger free of charge. Now the issue seems to be that once the batteries are charged it kicks off but never kicks back on. The green light comes on and says 'maintaining' but any batteries that have any sort of load like a carbon monoxide monitor etc will die after a week or so. Unplugging the charger and plugging it back in will charge the batteries.

    So, what brand of charger does everyone buy? We really dont need a $400 charger to charge 3 batteries. The 20 amp pro mariner fits the bill just fine (other than not working!) and was only $160. Maybe this unit is also defective??
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    Sounds like you have another bum charger.

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    Some chargers are designed that way, they charge, but don't maintain. But it obviously won't work for you.

    I'd be more inclined to think the problem is/was a bad battery. If one battery is bad the charger won't ever see the parameters it needs to go to float mode, so it keeps charging, and the other batteries suffer for it.

    Can't recommend a particular charger though, I use solar.
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