We finally got our mini split AC installed. It's a 120 volt system and is designed to be on a 15 amp breaker. Our dock has a 30 amp GFCI breaker and when ever the outside unit comes on it trips that breaker. Inside the boat it's connected to a 15 regular breaker and it doesn't kick. The fan on the outside unit will only turn about 5 revolutions so I'm sure it's a GFCI issue not an over load.
We have #10 wire running to the outside unit and after problems we hooked up a second ground. Nothing fixed the problem. I'll be headed back down later today with a generator to see how it runs when I hook it up to that.
The inside unit gets it's power from the outside unit and we can run the fan as long as we want.
I've been told because it's an inverter unit this creates issues with GFCI breakers.
Any thoughts??