I have taken over the Smihville marina at the Wilkins lock on the Tenn Tom. Ships store will be open next week will have most things a transit or local will need. All new docks are going in., plus the docks from the old marina which is now shut down. Those docks are being redone. Gas and diesel will be available. pirates Marina cove is gone and I am moving everything, fuel tanks the whole works. The new marina will be Pirates marina Smithville. I have several sailboats and and ocean alexander for sale plus a 36 Nautacraft ans 36 Gibson. All but the yacht are under $7500.00. I am sorry I have not been on the board much due to all this moving and no computer access. We have very good Wifi also up there. Come by and see the old Pirate. Will have a place in mobile and Nashville also. I am finally about to close the buying of the Gibson factory. a big surprise will be in store for you