So, sprung a leak in the bottom of my waste tank last summer. Was able to patch with some epoxy but it's a bit over 20 years old and I have a feeling if the hole was that big it simply needs to be replaced?

I have a 1995 LakeView Yacht. The holding tank is directly under the toilet for a straight drop. Then a hose that runs to the stern deck for pump outs. I haven't been out the to take any measurements with the best way to get a new tank in. I'm going to guess teh front hatch will be the easiest as it's a bit bigger.

Looking for ideas or experience on replacing tanks. The current tank is aluminum and assume I will have to cut it into pieces to get it out.

Not sure how to measure what will fit. I will know what will fit through the hatch but it still would have to turn the corner (depth). Then thoughts on using 2 smaller tanks but connect them? Few connections the better though.

Thoughts, ideas, advice? Thanks