Just a quick question: Which hull design would be more efficient and practical for a Houseboat? A "Barge" style hull, a Pontoon, or a Catamaran hull? An acquaintance of mine and I were discussing this a few days ago and we were to the point (since neither of us are Marine Engineers) of arguing it out using hypothetical situations (BIG water capable, fuel efficiency, load carrying capable, speed). He had an old houseboat for a while built on Aluminum Pontoon Logs but could not handle anything more than a slight chop without water splashing onto the deck. He kept it on Lake Hartwell for a long time and it finally sunk during a heavy thunder storm. He was going to replace it with a "Barge" style hull houseboat (didn't say the size) but was afraid it would cost too much to run. So, what would be the ideal hull type for a houseboat that could handle cruising open water on not so ideal days?