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Thread: Spraying coal tar epoxy- who's done it?

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    Frantically Relaxing

    Spraying coal tar epoxy- who's done it?

    Time to start a new 'maintenance' thread methinks!

    SO-- sometime this summer I'll finally have the hull of our SkipperLiner ready to blast, followed by the fun of getting on the coal tar epoxy. While I'm okay with rolling it on, I'm thinking that spraying it with an airless sprayer will probably be a whole lot easier, faster, and I won't need to recruit as much help (which won't be easy as it is)...

    I've roughly 800 sq. feet to cover, and I have 19 gallons of coal tar stocked up. (The 20th I've been experimenting with ) And I plan on using every last drop. I haven't yet but will be ordering 4 gallons of 974 reducer for the recommended 10% thinning and cleanup. I'll be spraying with the Harbor Freight/Krause & Becker airless sprayer. Blue Water says subsequent coats go on from 5 to 20 hours. If I can spray a coat in an hour, and start about 7:30am I can get 3 coats on by 9pm, and any leftovers the next morning. Once dry, I'll need to move the blocks and finish up those few square feet...

    That all said-- am I in the ballpark with all this? Any suggestions or warnings? How long should I wait to move the blocks? And AF paint, seem I read here somewhere to avoid that for a year or so? That has me worried a bit because our water can grow an inch of carpet on a hull in a month...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Nov 2002
    I have rolled it on, but never sprayed it. It is pretty thick. I have never reduced it. I would consider buying a backup sprayer and keeping it in the original sealed box - you are going to be putting a lot of strain on the sprayer.

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    I rolled it on my Kingscraft. Nasty work. It would be interesting to see it sprayed as its name describes what it is. Tar. Wear a full suit as it is a pain to get off bare skin.

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