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Thread: I'm Back TOO Baby!!

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    Talking I'm Back TOO Baby!!

    I saw JTAlberts post, and it inspired me to jump back into this forum again and become an active member) Plus for the supporters over the years, its kind of a way to say thanks for sharing so I thought I would share my houseboat stories back with you all. Old Houseboater, Pirate (sad to hear his wisdom will be missed), BananaTom and many others have shared with me ALOT of good advice in the past. I used the same screen name as back in 2003-2006, which looks like all those posts are now archived or gone. SO, with that said, let's jump right in

    History: Straight out of College / Purchased a 1972 Stardust Houseboat that I "Stay'd on ALOT" for 3 years from 2003-2006 on Lake Lanier in Georgia while working downtown Atlanta (FYI, you can't have liveabords in GA as it is illegal) I only drove the houseboat about 10 times during those 3 years but the ownership experience and memories have been infectious ever since. I learned a LOT from that old Steel hull houseboat Plus I learned ALOT about Lazy Days Houseboats since Holiday Marina was where they were originally built and I would spend hours talking with Lazy Days owners about their boats (More on that topic later).. I Only got rid of the Stardust (sold it for half what I bought it for..) because my work moved me to Australia for 3 years, and then Wife & 5 Kids happened and BOOM, out of the game. Flash forward to July 2016,,, and I'm BACK TOO Baby!

    I searched for a Houseboat for almost 5 years off and on until FINALLY the boat came upon the market that was located in the southeast and that hit all the right feature sets that myself, Wife and kids all wanted in a houseboat + at the price point that made it attainable because it is a fixer upper. Features needed: Aluminum Hull (Thanks Old Houseboater, wish i knew this the first go around, BUT this time I'm in the market for a Lake Houseboat that will be used as a weekender, not a liveaboard, and I wanted something low maintenance and something I could work on a little easier and repower easily especially since my price point is probably a little lower as I wasn't looking turn key, which put me smack in the market for a....Pontoon Style Houseboat. I was not confident about the Fiberglass Pontoon Houseboats that you see out there plus I am not in saltwater, so this really was not a consideration for me personally (another topic for another day) Another reason I wanted a Pontoon style is because I had many a nights on my old Stardust Houseboat where I awoke from a bad dream in hot flashes that the boat was sinking and I quickly would grab a flash light and look down in my hull for a leak... I decided I never wanted that dream again. It also had to have Twin Outboard Engines (Last boat was single engine and difficult to drive) + Dual Helms (for all the right reasons everyone with a dual helm already knows about), Kids said it HAD to have a Slide, Wife said it HAD to have a King Size Bed, PLUS the kicker, since I have 5 kids, we needed more room, so 3 Bedrooms is a PLUS, but very difficult to find.
    SO, in July 2016 the right boat came upon the market and was the proud new owner!! A 1997 Aqua Chalet Americana 14 x 56 with twin Nissan 90 HP outboards, dual helm, slide, 3 bedroom and king size bed in the master that we have now named Family Anchor!!

    I'll share more in my next posts about the History of the boat, Updates I've done to date, and upcoming projects. Plus I'll be posting some DIY questions that could really use some advice on. For now, I just wanted to share that I'm back too baby, and also some pics (having issues uploading) so you can see the houseboat and layout, and progress I'm making updating/restoring the boat. Hope you enjoy'd the read and look forward to reconnecting again with the other houseboats online here at the houseboating magazine forum!!
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