I haven't posted since I got the boat home this spring as I have been busy with the rehab as well as life in general.

Overall things are going well. The boat is one level and I gutted it completely to the studs on the main floor. There was some rotted flooring that I have to replace but overall things were in decent shape for a boat that basically sat in the water for the last 5 years.

I removed all 12 volt and 120 volt wiring from the boat. The service on the boat prior was 50 amp 120volt. In order to install a full boat Air Conditioner, I am upgrading the service to 50 amp 240 volt. I finally got the 12 volt 95% completed and I will finish the last pieces when I install the toilet and finish the plumbing later this fall.

I have the main AC panel installed and I will be running all the power legs throughout the boat in the coming weeks. After I run those legs, I will start to frame in the walls.

The major work that I have with the boat requires me to haul the boat out of the water. I will be installing a larger generator in the boat as the current one wont be able to support the Air Conditioner/heater and the intake for the current genset is only 1/2". The new generators require 1" intakes and the geothermal unit I plan on installing requires a 1" intake as well. I will need to get these welded into the boat.

Here is a link to my google photo album.