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Thread: Boat Life

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    Boat Life

    I'm seeing a slow down in my area of houseboat sightings. I seldom see one moving and all of the boats at my marina, including mine, are dock queens. This reflects a similar sighting of less runabouts also.
    This forum has lost a few great members and I guess that is why it's so dead, but maybe indicative of a slow down of boating in general?
    I still love our houseboat and it's in progress of coming back to life. This is a slow but steady process. This week I'll be finishing the install of a Mr. Cool DIY mini split unit. I think this will be transformative as my 1977 Sumerset rooftop heat and air while STILL running is noisy. I'm installing the condenser on the rear roof and a single air handler in the former mid boat bunk area and plan on mixing the air with flex duct that I'm installing in the hold. I hope the unit is sized correctly at 18k, will report on this later. The goal is for the wife and I to spend more time at the dock, and eventually do a few cruises.
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