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Thread: It is a done deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zilpo55 View Post
    We are not sure yet. Shooting for an active living community with lots to do.
    Well, there are allot of places like that.
    My personal favorite, if I was a Snow Bird, is Naples.
    I love it there, and it is not crowded like so many other places.

    Actually Bonita Springs, just north of Naples.

    And then there is "The Villages"
    Central Florida, at the start of the turnpike and I-75.
    It is a retirement City, built just for that.
    Everyone drive a Club Cart in that city.

    There is also a nice community on the East end of Key Largo, I for get the name right now, but folks there have "Upscale Club Carts" like 57 Chevys and Rolls Royce lookalikes.

    Of course, I love living in Pensacola, we have seasons, like winter and stuff.
    A nice mixture of boating opertunities to Offshore, Near Shore, Interior salt water and fresh water rivers.
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