I would like to ask, what taxes (if any) are assessed on houseboats in your state?

Boat taxes have become a hot topic again here in Kentucky. Background: the state and local counties assess annual property taxes on all registered boats, based on book value. The registration sticker on the bow is visual proof that taxes have been paid on each boat. Owners of USCG documented boats are required to file a form each May, then a tax bill is sent in November the same time as landowner bills are sent.

The problem is there is no way authorities can easily confirm taxes have been paid on a documented boat. It is estimated that less than one-third of boat owners comply with this "honor system".

There is currently a bill in the KY House that would require a sticker, same as registered boats. This is drawing howls of protest, especially from out-of-state boat owners.

People claim that most other states do not tax boats annually. Is this true?