A few comments on Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend 2020: We stayed home as planned, but kept tabs on activity at our dock through texts and FaceBook. A Lexington TV station did two stories about crowds returning to our lake over the weekend, but both were favorable. Ramps and marinas were very busy, but people generally trying to social distance. Many families launched their boats, then headed out to have fun on their own. I saw some photos of group tie-ups with 20+ boats, but I believe those people could be safe (or not), depending on how close they got to each other. In short, I heard no reports of any issues like we saw on the national news from Texas or Lake Of The Ozarks.

Boat sales still appear to be continuing. I follow several dealers and brokers on FaceBook, and they have been posting photos of happy customers in their new boats and PWCs. Local houseboat brokers are begging for inventory. My friend just sold his boat for over $200K and has a new one on order for delivery late in the year. I still suspect that sales will dry up if the economy recovers as slow as predicted.