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Thread: Free A/C no gen set!?!

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    Jul 2012

    Free A/C no gen set!?!

    First I know there is no such thing as free anything. The cost for this system is $25k lol. This is an idea I had toyed with and was surprised to see it realized, really nothing special but I really like this concept and might be all many boats need if the price was realistic. What would the pull be on an engine though, hmmm?

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    Depending on the vessel, those new Mini Split Systems with an inverter compressor designed for residential applications are awesome.
    I had two areas of my home, with Window Air Conditioners, a Florida Room and a Mother-in-Law Suite I use for my home office.
    They are connected to my transfer switch and part of my Hurricane plan for power, of which I use the standard 5KW Gas Portable Generator.
    When the power fails, I plug in Genny, and flip the switch.

    That powers my Kitchen, and attached Den, Florida Room and Office.
    But I could only run the A/C in either the Florida Room of the Office, without tripping the breaker.

    Last Summer I had to Daiken Mini Splits installed for a total of $5,000.
    I can now run both of them on my Genny, with everything else, and it does not even load down.

    Of course my power bill went down by $175 a month.

    So if you have the room on your vessel, I would consider this, and of course, you would have to maintain the Genset

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