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Thread: Spray foam insulation (again)

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    Spray foam insulation (again)

    I went back and looked at previous discussions on this subject. We have contracted to have the interior ceiling replaced in our boat in the fall. Our boat is insulated, and I'm researching doing spray foam up above while the ceiling is down, as opposed to the traditional fiberglass.

    Has anybody recently done something like this? Condensation is a concern for me. We often stay on the boat through the winter months, although we try to avoid extreme low temperatures.

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    Moderator BananaTom's Avatar
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    I would be concerned with making the choice between Closed Cell verses Open Cell Spray Foam.
    Closed cell would not allow water from a leaking roof to pass through it, possibility causing more damages / Rot.
    Open cell, as would fiberglass, allow the water from a leaking roof to display on the ceiling, thus alerting you to the problem.

    I really like spray foam insulation.

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    I would rather go with foam board insulation. It's cheap, you can get it at Home Depot or Lowes or any other Hardware or home improvement store. Comes in handy 2 inch thick, 2 foot by 8 foot sheets. You can get it from R 3.8 to R 10. Of course the higher the R value the more expensive it is. You can install it yourself.
    Peter D. EIkenberry
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