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Thread: House Batt short

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    Jul 2012
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    House Batt short

    This HB has the C Charger 9000 series, boat is 2005. When installing a new batt, without the Charger plug in I get an arc.

    Nothing else on terminal except the 2 leads coming from the Charger unplugged.

    The water pumps and a couple other items are on a independent battery as well so I know they are not an issue.

    Assuming 12 volt house lights or the Charger is my issue.
    Your thoughts of where an how to track down the short


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    I would assume that all 12V lights and devices on that battery would be fused and would blow if shorted. Is it possible to separate the charger leads from the house power leads? If so, I'd start by measuring across the powered off charger with an ohm meter. Then measure DC volts with it powered on but not connected to the battery.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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