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Thread: Boat sales booming

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    Administrator Zilpo55's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Lake Cumberland, KY

    Boat sales booming

    I truly did not see this coming. Both new and used boats are selling quickly, at least in our area. One dock neighbor quickly sold his cruiser and is having trouble finding houseboats to look at. Most are under contract by the time he calls. Another friend just sold his 16 year old SeaRay 230 for $24K!

    I'm guessing this will mean a lot of newbies on the water.....

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    Moderator BananaTom's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Pensacola, Florida
    It's been happening here since the Covid thing.
    I know two that went and bought a new vessel.
    They had a hard time finding one.
    They both said, that since there is nothing to do, as everything is closed, we decided this would be a good way to have fun, and keep safe.

    A good used boat will sell with 24 hours.
    A buddy is looking for a good bay boat.
    And by the time he sees it and contacts it the owner a deposit has been tendered, the same day it was listed.

    I have never seen so many boats on our waterways.
    All marinas have a waiting list.
    The free county owned boat ramps are jamb packed, with no place to park.

    I just joined a local shipyard, Pensacola Shipyard, and paid the yearly fee to launch at their public ramp, in a gated and guarded facility, as they have plenty of parking.
    And most customers know what they are doing in launching.

    Another form of entertainment has developed.
    Sitting at the county owned ramps and watching in amazement as people learn to launch their boat.
    So crazy stuff, for sure.

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